Simon Haynes (halspacejock) wrote,
Simon Haynes

Hal Spacejock 1 & 2 Kindle releases

You'll have to forgive my flurry of posts, but I've been waiting a long time for this.

I'm pleased to announce Hal Spacejock (book one) and Second Course (book two) are now available for purchase worldwide via, and They're DRM-free, no rights restrictions, and each contains 80,000+ words of frenetic, lunatic science fiction.

Check the first link for the biggest selection of customer reviews. All those 5- and 4-star ratings certainly put a smile on the dial.

Hal Spacejock:
Hal 1
Hal 1
Hal 1

Hal Spacejock Second Course:
Hal 2
Hal 2
Hal 2

Just Desserts and No Free Lunch have already been uploaded, and should be visible RSN.

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