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The Hal Spacejock ebooks: how to score a free copy of Hal #2

Last year my publisher released Hal Spacejock book one as a free ebook, and we've seen just over 50,000 downloads to date.

As of today the rest of the series is available in DRM-free ebook format at a super-low price of A$5 each. (Approx US$3.50) That means you can grab the entire series for A$15 (approx US$10), which is less than the price of a single paperback, and way less than the international postage on one book.

Now for the good bit: I've wangled a superb freebie for anyone willing to share the good news. All you have to do is blog or tweet about the release of the Hal Spacejock ebooks (before the end of March 2009), then let me know you've linked to the news.

In return I'll email you a free ebook of Hal Spacejock Second Course, the second title in the series. Call it an incentive, a big thank-you, a 'review copy' or an outright bribe. I know Hal would!

There's an info page which you're welcome to cut and paste details from, or you can just link to it instead: http://www.spacejock.com.au/HalSpacejockEbooks.html (or http://tinyurl.com/sjbook if space is tight.)

You'll also find a custom mission patch for this very important launch.

Why important? Well, if these DRM-free ebooks prove a big success then other publishers will follow our lead. That'll lead to a bigger choice of titles which you'll be able to read anywhere, rather than the current system of DRM-locked ebooks which only work on specific devices.

A vote for Hal Spacejock is a vote for cheap, DRM-free ebooks. To place your vote, buff up the credit card or Paypal account and step right this way.

Incidentally, on the DRM front teleread.org just published an article in which I state my case against ebook DRM.


Good for you, Simon, and good on Fremantle Press as well. I hope other publishers, big and small, follow suit.
This is a great move. I am pro-ebooks, but anti-DRM and anti-stealing books. If I didn't already have all the Spacejocks in paper format, I'd rush out and buy them.

I'm curious, what format are they in? It didn't seem to be listed anywhere obvious.
Can I get one signed with someone else's name? :)
Do I get extra credit for mentioning in a podcast? (I am joking about the extra credit not about the mention)