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Hal Spacejock ebooks ahoy

I had a meeting with my publisher just before Christmas, where we discussed a few things about the Hal Spacejock series. The main topic was ebooks.

I'm a strong believer in DRM-free ebooks, and I also believe the price point should reflect the fact there's zero cost required to pump out each copy of an ebook. I put this to my publisher, and they were happy to go along.

You may not be aware that the first book in the Hal Spacejock series is available as a free download. It was released as a freebie when book 4 (Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch) hit the shops, and to date it's been downloaded over 40,000 times.

However, there are two questions which land in my inbox again and again:

1. When can I buy the Hal Spacejock books in (insert country here)?

2. Can I buy the rest of the series as ebooks?

The answer to question one is ... no idea. Sorry.

The answer to question two is ... next month.

Yes, Hal Spacejock books 2, 3 and 4 will be released as low-cost, DRM-free ebooks in February 2009, barring any last-minute hitches.

Text, RTF and HTML files will be included, and most likely a Mobireader PDB as well.

As for the price, the target is A$5 or so, which translates to US$3.50 at the current exchange rate. (Don't hold me to that - it might be a little bit more depending on payment processing costs.)

So there you go - both of my ebook goals met. Now I just have to pray people buy the things so my publisher doesn't see me as a deluded idiot with the business sense of a certain inept freighter pilot.

However, with all three books selling for less than the cost of one paperback, anyone with more business sense than an inept freighter pilot will see that it's going to be a pretty good deal.

(While you're waiting for the Hal ebooks, why not pick up the latest issue of Andromeda Spaceways as a very low cost PDF?)


Wow, Simon, that's amazing - and I feel like I should both congratulate you on achieving your goal and thank you for doing so much for readers!

Natalie (Taelian at the PZ)

Gratitude for the writing articles on spacejock.com

Hi, my name is Lisa Jones.
I just wanted to thank you for writing all the writing articles on your personal site spacejock.com. I'm in the process of writing a novel and reading over all of the advice you wrote in your articles really makes publishing the finished product sound achieveable. It's good to hear things from the other side of the publishing fence. Of all the books on writing I've read, I think your articles have some of the most helpful and practical advice (particularly the rejection article. That one is probably going to get a lot of referring from me in the future...).
Thank you so much for writing them and I wish you the best of luck with your continuing series.

Re: Gratitude for the writing articles on spacejock.com

Thanks - glad to hear they're useful!


Mentioned you today on Teleread. Here's the permalink in case the post gets pushed down.



Thanks Paul - all publicity gratefully accepted!